Weather Course


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Weather (2021); On-line Course

Course Fee: $65.00
Dates: Mondays, Nov 27 – Feb 12
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: On-line Webinar

Weather makes the difference between a great day and a lousy day on the water. Recognize and prepare for whatever weather comes your way. Learn to recognize the early signs of changing weather; how to anticipate storms, squalls, fog, and wind shifts; and become familiar with basic weather elements and how they affect your boating experience.

The course is a general weather course that includes topics of particular interest to boaters. It is designed to be taught in 10 sessions with a closed book exam at the end.

This course also qualifies as a required course towards your Boat Operator Certification (BOC) program, specifically Coastal Navigation Certification.  BOC recognizes the skills of USPS members at different levels of recreational boating proficiency. A certified boat operator will represent the fulfillment of a USPS training program: an operator who is knowledgeable, competent and safe.