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On-line Courses and Seminars

America's Boating Club offers a number of informative and educational on-line courses and seminars. Please explore these opportunities to learn!

Vessel Safety Examiner Certification

Members of America's Boating Club are encouraged to become Vessal Safety Examiners (VSC).  The VSC program helps to boaters achieve voluntary compliance with federal and state recreational boating safety laws, particularly regarding helping ensure boaters have the necessary safety equipment. It also raises boaters' awareness of safety issues through one-on-one inspection of the owner's boat by volunteer vessel examiners.  This service is a fundemental part of what our boating club is all about.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Vessal Safety Examiner team, please the "Learn More" button below or contact the Minnetonka Power Squadron Administrative Officer at  administrative@minnetonkaps.org to get more information.

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Materials Fee: $50

By registering (click the button below) you will receive the IN Starter Kit which includes a copy of "Start Boating Right" and a passport to recored your progress towards the Inland Navigator Certificate. Your passport will be signed by your instructors as you complete a skill, course, or seminar.

Inland Navigator Requirements

  • Americas Boating Course
  • Boat Handling (Seamanship) Course
  • Marine Electrical Systems Course
  • How To Use a Chart Seminar (or Marine Navigation Course)
  • Basic Weather & Forecasting Seminar (Online)
  • Using Your GPS Seminar (or Marina Navigation Course)
  • Using VHF and VHF/DSC Marine Radio Seminar (Online)
  • Basic Powerboat Handling (OTW Training)
  • Use of Fire Extinguishers

Please contact Mitch Anderson (education@minnetonkaps.org) for more information.