1.  Inviting a guest boat to visit Streater Cove is always encouraged, within the policies listed below.  However, the inviting member must be present at Streater Cove and is limited to one (1) guest boat only, except as noted below in #3 for the 4th of July holiday.

2.  When entertaining, an active adult member may bring up to 11 guests to Streater Cove, except as noted below in #3 for the 4th of July holiday.  To bring a group of more than 11, the active member must have written permission from the Streater Cove Island Manager.

3.  No guest boats are allowed over the 4th of July holiday, July 3, 4, and 5.  This is Streater Cove’s busiest time of use and, therefore, the facility is reserved for member boats only.  Additionally, active members are further limited on July 3, 4 and 5 to the maximum number of guests that they may bring, not to exceed the capacity of their boat, including their own family members.  As an example, if the boat’s capacity is 8, and the member has 3 family members, they may bring 4 guests.  If the boat’s capacity is captain’s safe operation, the maximum allowed is as identified below under the standard policy, 11.  Under no circumstances will shuttling of guests be allowed in order to increase the number brought to the island (e.g. 2 trips to bring more guests).

4.  Combining groups is prohibited (2 or more active members joining together to create a large group by claiming each has invited 11 guests).

5.  For groups of 25 or more, the Executive Committee must approve the request using the following procedures:

a) No groups of over 24 people will be allowed on weekends or holidays without the approval of the Executive Committee.  Further, such groups can only be on weekends and/or holidays when done so as a part of a larger, planned Squadron social event held at the island.

b) The weekend begins at 1900 Friday and ends at 1700 Sunday.

c) Groups of 25 or more are allowed only on weekdays (1700 Sunday to 1900 Friday) with prior Executive Committee approval, except as noted in 4a, above.

d) The guests must abide by all Streater Cove Policies and Procedures.  You may only use 50% of the Pavillion.  There is a $50 refundable deposit with application.  Your guests should have Streater Cove Policies & Procedures mailed to them.  Guests will wear Guest ID badges.

e) Application for groups of 25 people or more must be submitted to the Executive Committee 60 days prior to the event.

f) The host must return a post event report within 10 days of the event.

g) If the host doesn’t follow event requirements, a letter will be sent notifying the member of their disregard of Streater Cove Policies & Procedures.  A suspension of your privilege to use Streater Cove may occur if deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

h) The Executive Committee will grant only one (1) group of more than 25 people or more per month from Docks-In to Docks-Out for a total of five (5) large groups per season.

5. “Overnight Guests” aboard your boat are always welcome.

6.  Inviting an “overnight guest boat” to Streater Cove is permitted, except as noted in #3, above, but the Active Member must have permission from the Streater Cove Island Manager.  The “overnight guest boat” may be invited only twice during the boating season.  Members should be prepared to raft the invited guest boat along side their vessel if dock space is needed for fellow active members.  Please note:  Guest Boats are NOT allowed to use shorepower!!!

7.  Guest are required to follow Streater Cove Policies & Procedures (please advise your guests).


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