Streater Cove Pet Policy

Pet Rules (2018)

The following is the City of Orono dog regulations.

Dogs Running at Large Prohibited

Any dog shall be deemed to be running at large unless it is:

1. On a durable leash secured to an object which it cannot move and is on the premises of the owner.

2. On a leash and under control or within 10 feet and under effective command of accompanying person of suitable age and discretion.

3. In owner's fenced yard or other suitable enclosure where dog cannot leave without human assistance.

4. In a vehicle from which dog cannot leave without human assistance.

Barking Dogs

Dogs shall not be allowed to unreasonably disturb the peace and quiet which includes:

1. Creation of noise by any dog which can be heard by any person outside the premises where dog is kept.

2. Noise occurs repeatedly over at least a 5 minute period with 1 minute or less lapse of time between each barking, howling or baying noise during a 5 minute period.

Female Dogs in Heat

Such dogs must be kept indoors or at a commercial kennel at the owner's expense for duration of their season.

Dangerous Dogs

Dangerous dog registration is required per Chapter 711, Minnesota Statute 347.50, Subdivision 2. Contact the Community Service Officer in the Orono Police Department (952) 249-4700 for further information.

Dog Waste

It is unlawful for the owner of any dog to:

1. Fail to prevent dog from defecating in or upon public property or the premises of another.

2. Permit the solid waste of a dog to accumulate on owner's premises for more than 24 hours.

Additional Minnetonka Squadron Regulations:

1. A pet may only be off leash in the large open field located on the west side of the property and on the north east side of the property past dock eleven provided the pet is under direct control of the owner, or their designate of suitable age, at all times. While the pet is unleashed it will be prohibited from interfering with anyone in the area. If the unleashed pet is interfering the owner will be required to leash the pet. Pets must be on a leash at all other locations on the property except if secured on a boat.

2. Pets are not allowed in the pavilion except in the following situations: Pets may be allowed in the far east end of the pavilion during inclement weather (inclement weather is defined as lighting, downpour and/or strong winds) and must be leashed while there.

3. First incident of a dog barking will receive a warning request to be quiet by two or more members simultaneously. The second incident, within a 5 minute period, will require the dog to be removed from Streater Cove. Repeated incidents will receive direction from the Executive Committee.

4. Report all dog bites to the Executive Committee. Consult a physician, if necessary, to treat the wound.

5. All solid pet waste shall be picked up and removed immediately, except in the designated relief areas.

6. Pets, other than dogs or cats, may be allowed on the island with permission from the Executive Committee on a case by case basis.

7. Pet complaint(s) by a member should be confirmed by another member when presenting the complaint to the Executive Committee.

8. No pet shall be allowed in the swim beach area.

9. Members who want to have their pets at Streater Cove shall be required to read and acknowledge the above rules.